Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Photos from the Garden

*insert latent-blog apology* I'm lazy.

Who else is grateful that plant-bearing weather is here? This isn't much of an update, but here are some photos I snapped the other day in my back yard. These beautiful early-spring perennials (read: tulips and hyacinth) were product samples I got on the job from Thompson & Morgan Seed, and they certainly paid off (read: they were free)!

Sorry about the watermarks, but, see, I'm going to start trying to sell stock photography to make some money on the side (read: money to live).

Let me know what you think!


Jessica said...

I think those are worthy of going next to your other picture on the wall at Colby Photo=).

judycolby said...

And I was going to say that when you are famous, we still have one of your photos on our wall!
Glad to "see" you.

Jim Longs Garden said...

And do you know which of those are edible?

Good to see photos here, even if one has to peek through the BIG WORDS! Now, we want to see actual photos of your garden.