Saturday, September 26, 2009

My New Muse, Pt. 2 - Kelsey

Muse 2 - Kelsey ...

Kelsey has the great-natured patience and genuine interest important in making an excellent model. She is very compliant, will do pretty much whatever you ask no matter how silly it may seem, and, well, clearly she's beautiful.

She came into my life when my interest in photography was the most weighted, and grew the quickest - my trip abroad. Being in a different culture/country/world, you notice things others there might take for granted - and when you come back, you have a sort of appreciation for your surroundings you never realized before. Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time abroad knows the feeling. It's almost more of a culture shock to come back than it is to go there.

Kelsey has an inspiring kind of beauty - something strange and unique and powerfully flexible. And she couples it perfectly with an unusual yet captivating sense of style that try as I might, can never catch on film.  She's got class, she's magnetic.  And when you're in her smile - you feel that, if even for a moment ... everything's OK. 

Keep checking as I count down my life's favorite muses, followed by a series of some totally vintage photos I dug up!

Muse 3 - Beth ... coming soon ... 

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Matthew said...

This is a lovely girl, and these are lovely photographs.