Saturday, September 26, 2009

My New Muse, Pt. 3 - Beth

Muse 3 - Beth

Not often can a person say they had a teacher for college one year and dressed her in outfits five ways from crazy in another. Then again, not often can a person say they've had a teacher as cool as Beth.

Beth is a little Clark Kent in that putting on and removing her glasses changes her look considerably. Before her, I might've thought such an idea was strange - it's not much of a disguise. But Beth can easily transform herself from a pretty, responsible, and studious bookworm to that sexy rocker chick who can throw her shit down and talk you into a hole. I can still remember the shock of the first time I visited her at home, fresh out of her class, and was greeted by a Busty Beth in a tight, dark stringed corset, wearing biker boots, and a choker.

It's this kind of flexibility that makes her easy to photograph in myriad poses and themes, many of which you'll see here.

At this point, it's strange for me to think of her as my former instructor, just because, for me, our friendship toward the tail-end of my college life was so close and important. At times raunchy and exposed and silly. At times very serious and caring and sensitive. It's when you know you can be anything and everything with a person that you've found a friend for life. I cherish every photo I took of this woman, because she is a cherished moment in my life. And while I'm sad that she was near me for what felt like only a moment, it's my hope that we have yet many cherished moments to come.

Stay tuned for when I announce my newest muse and see some photos of her already in the editing process.

Muse 4 - ... coming soon ...


beth said...

Taylor, I miss you so much! This made me cry a little bit, and I'm in school reading this during one of my 10-minute breaks... now I have to pull myself together...


Matthew said...

UGH, Beth is so gorgeous. (Hi, Beth!) Taylor, these photos are beautifully crafted -- you're able to achieve a diverse range of emotions through your direction. Well done!