Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shooting Todd Reesing

Photo shoot with Todd Reesing: Kansas Quarterback

Get it?

If you did, congratulate yourself. You're analytical. For Quarterback Todd, Creative Director Darby and Public Relations Rep, Scott was it?, the humor was not so clear. For the majority of my friends, being analytical is not a problem. But in the rare case the joke in this photo is not immediately presentable, I give you Todd Reesing the Kansas Back of the Quarter.

I thought it was genius. I awoke from a bad dream, and it came to me uninvited like a headache or the here-and-there gay attack. I called it destiny. Darby called it strange. Still though, I was the photographer, and if a Kansas Quarter was what I wanted, then who were they to tell me different. Todd played it cool, even though, after a lengthy description, he still didn't quite understand the idea. But that's OK because he has a Public Relations Rep.

I recently got my new Camera, a stylish Canon 5d with a nice lens and an assortment of unordered, but not charged for, accessories. I like accessories, so I decided to keep them, and consider it cashing in on some good karma. I also ordered a lensbaby, a fisheye and a ringlight.

A lensbaby allows you to selectively focus one particular part of an image, without having to edit in photoshop. The effect is awesome, but the technique is almost impossible. After several tries, and a lot of patience on both mine and Todd's parts, eventually I came out with a decent, if not great, photo.

Todd is a cute guy, but to my credit, he photographs better than in person. Tan and muscled but short, baby blues and gleaming teeth, he wore a plain gray shirt with quilted shorts and flip-flops, just another summer frat boy, who runs around as a celebrity in some crowds. He's 19, maybe 20, and while you can see the child in him, it's obvious that his Public Relations Rep has him on a short leash. His jersey came down to his knees, literally. He told me that all the jerseys are that low to prevent, uh. "Plumber's crack?" I offered. He smiled and said something about the other team grabbing and tearing at his clothes.

I think it was unusual for him to speak to a non-fan. But I also think he appreciated it.

I'm told that he arrived 45 minutes late because of another student athlete Sherron Collins. Apparently the basketball player is embroiled in some sort of sexual civil suit, and the KU Public Relations and Athletic's department had more important things to deal with than a lousy photoshoot. When Todd arrived, he came without his jersey and football, and they had to be brought by Scott's assistant. A small inconvenience, but not altogether without perks.

Until then, I told Todd we could take a few studio shots. "You know, something real GQ," I said. "I mean, surely you've got a life outside of football, right? Let's show that." He smiled confusingly and agreed.

I decided to use the ring light. I really like the raw glow of the ringlight, and even while Darby didn't love this shot, I saw the sexual appeal of him as raw and smileless. I would have gone so far as shirtless, to really capture his sex appeal, had not Darby been uncomfortable asking. I was prepared to make him sweat and then photograph him shirtless. They didn't seem to understand that sex sells.

It was a good shoot that I prepared for all day. And thanks to the help of a friend, and the faith people keep having in my photography skills, I think, someday, I might really be able to do this.


Anonymous said...

Todd is a beautiful, blonde, blue eyed, little man. He looks so delisous. What a hunky little white boy babe!! Please next time do some shirtless shots of this boy toy!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet mercy! *Fans self* Love him. Love Kansas. Hot day-yum. You did good.

Eric in Dodge said...

Those photos were gorgeous and really showcased Todd's sex appeal. I wish you'd convinced Darby to go for some shirtless shots, but maybe next time...

Go 'Hawks!

Eric in Dodge

Anonymous said...


. . .YUM!

. . . . . . . .(Yum.)

Serious Hat said...

i like his handsome melancholy face at rest.