Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Peeking Into Ogden: My New Home

In the last blog, I reported about my new job overshadowed only by the news of my robbery. However, now that I have some distance ... and a new window, I'm excited to show you a a glimpse of my work place, and the people I call my colleagues.

Ogden Publications, in Topeka, Kan., is the home of several magazines, including The Herb Companion, Grit, Cappers, Mother Earth News, Utne Reader, Gas Enginge, Farm Collector, Motorcycle Classics and Natural Home Magazine - and the home of my new graphic design/copy writing gig. My boss hasn't decided on my position title, so for now, call me Jack.

For my final editorial hurrah, I made our video holiday greeting card - made for each of the editorial magazines in my department: Grit, Cappers and The Herb Companion. I've embedded Cappers video, because it has all my co-workers (who were cooperative [and they were few]), followed by the more fun blooper reel.


Anonymous said...

I think by favorite part is "Tres, dos, uno"... "What?"


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun place to work!

Jim Longs Garden said...

So cool to see some of those folks who I only know by phone or email. And gee, guy, you're taller than you sound! Loved the bloopers vid the best.