Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bionic Woman: Series Premiere & Video Clip

"Everyone has to sing for their supper around here, don't you know that?..."

When one sits down to a program titled Bionic Woman, one expects to slough a hefty chunk of cheese on the cracker. Thankfully with this Series Premiere, that cheese was exceptionally-delicious! (Check out some of my vlog highlights from tonight's debut!)

There were, of course, the conventional complications. NBC newbie Michelle Ryan (only two years my senior!) gave a demure delivery as the show's lead, Jamie Sommers, some of the graphics/special effects were overdone, leading to unnecessary vertigo, and the super-hero witty-epithets left a lot to be desired.

But, excitement for THIS show is on speed-dial. The scenes for Bionic Woman were -- one might say -- "well-constructed," the transitions were effective, and the camera work had the beautiful-feel of a high-budget film that doesn't take itself too seriously. I hope I'm not to reading too much into the pilot, but as Ryan grows into her character, and as Sommers grows into her new body, we're sure to be thrilled week after week with this great new NBC Hit (as long as we remember we're consuming cheese, for cheese's-sake).

Bionic Woman airs Wednesdays 8 p.m. Central on NBC (Sunflower Broadband, ch 8).

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Anonymous said...

I actually did see that show. With all the premieres last night I had to pick one. And although I'm a fan of "Grey's Anatomy" I probably wouldn't handle "Grey's Anatomy Light," and "Criminal Minds" is too heavy of a show. I would tell you how I found out I was not bionic, but you'd probably try to have me committed.

I only have, I believe, one tv series on DVD, I had to stop there because then I might never be heard from again, which might not be bad for everyone, but some people might miss me. TV is an affliction that I have no desire to kick. I guess I'm not one of those people who swears off tv that you catch watching it even though they claim to be against it. But I'll definitely have to watch Northern Exposure now if it was that good.