Friday, September 28, 2007

Smallville: Season 7 Premiere

Signed up for Season 7, Smallville's off to a great start -- no healing this one, Chloe.

In honor of such a great premiere, I'm starting some new segments on this blog -- the "unanswered questions" segment and the "... what weren't they thinking ..." segment. See the examples I've provided from tonight's Smallville episode and comment with a catchy title for each!

Unanswered questions ...
Clark's evil doppelganger rips out Lex's lawyer's heart -- one might wonder under which custodial duty cleaning up THAT mess falls! Wonder if there'll be an extended scene on the TVD.

... what weren't they thinking ...

If Lana Lang-Luthor wanted to disappear after her faked death, why would this brunette go blonde in China?


Taylor Cole Miller said...

Also -- if you have other ideas for segments, let me know.

I was thinking of one, "Suspend Reality" segment, in honor of my roommate.

And perhaps a "Star Sighting" one, as well.

David Ta-Pryor said...

I agree with you on this season of Smallville that it's off to a good start.

I don't know if the evil doppelganger ripped out his heart or just ripped out a piece of flesh. I'm gonna have to double check because the wound looked below where the heart would be.

I think the blonde in China thing is show people that she might be a model there, because she did look like a fashon model in the "New York" of China.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch Smallville, but I just wanted to say that I like the new look!


Anonymous said...

I think the "blonde thing in China" can be taken at face value, i.e., people like blondes. Blondes are hot. Let's make someone blonde to increase the sexual charisma of Smallville... let's see... who can we turn blonde... AHA!

Anonymous said...

By the by... the anonymous comment above is mine.

The Brunette.