Monday, September 24, 2007

Taylors TV-Ticket (Fall '07)


> Desperate Housewives -- After the savory yet soapy suicide of Edie Britt, how can Season 4 not be on my TV To-Do's?

Brothers & Sisters -- Good news of this show abounds, and after the sensational Sally Field won the Emmy (even after another Sally-speech debacle) previewing the Family Album recap of Season 1 hooked my interest.


> Heroes -- I didn't jump on board until after Season 1 which left me like a damsel in distress. This show is my ticket to salvation, and like with Kathy Griffin, that ain't through Jesus. With Heroes, TGIM!

I Love New York -- As promised, I'll add shows if you provide a convincing argument! We'll chalk this one up to guilty pleasure (I hope there's more pleasure than guilt!)


Biggest Loser -- No Fall schedule would be complete without a hefty-dose of Reality-TV and intending no pun, this one is my pick (at least until the premiere of Project Runway!)

> Cane -- Really looks too good not to watch. Hope it lives up to its promised sweetness!


> Bionic Woman -- Enough said, right?

Private Practice -- Spin-offs are tough, and while I don't think this is a guaranteed sell, I'm going to give it at least 2 episodes of a chance.

Dirty Sexy Money -- It's great to see Peter Krause and Rachel Griffiths climbing up those 6 feet -- and in two of the most talked about shows of the new season: Dirty Sexy Money and Brothers & Sisters.


30 Rock -- "...but most of all, we'd like to thank our dozens and dozens of viewers..." The hook. Line. And Sinker for this show.

> Smallville -- The CW show is underrated and the adult charm and maturity of the sixth season should have it flying in the big league; so what happened?

Survivor: China -- Haven't done a good Survivor since Australia, and if Biggest Loser doesn't weigh in, at least I have my fallback.

Ugly Betty/The Office -- My guess is -- they're overrated, but I'll give them a shot.

Grey's Anatomy -- Outside Lost, this was the most raped and pillaged show at the Emmy's.


Best Week Ever/The Soup -- Pop-culture up-keep.

> Moonlight -- The paranormal pair with Bionic Woman -- this one with vampires. Maybe an overdone concept -- but while we're doing it anyway, why don't we get our hands bloody.

* am I missing something??....

I want to hear it! In a comment telling me your favorite show, and at what time, and I'll add it to my list.


Anonymous said...

I Love New York, Season 2. MOndays on VH1. Otherwise, Jessica and I will talk about every week and you'll be left out of the loop. =)


P.S. I will be watching Cane and Dirty Sexy Money. I'm not if Cane is going to be good, but I'm going to give it a chance.

David Ta-Pryor said...

I love Ugly Betty because I do believe the plot is well constructed for a show of that genre. There's a lot that this show does right, but at the same time, it has this subliminal message to the queer community that still show them at being unworthy in fashon industry. Then again, I could just be constructing this all in my head.