Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dirty Sexy Money: Series Premiere

"NO!! I'm not going to go into a hotel and give a tranny-hooker a check!"

ABC is beginning to follow a tired-trend ... in all of its Television series: framed narration. Tonight's Series Premiere of Dirty Sexy Money was no exception. The framework for this episode was circular, beginning at the end and circling back -- which was little more than confusing.

With former 6 Feet Under star, Peter Krause, the show stepped onto a slightly better-than-average foot. It was smart, pop-culture friendly, and age-adaptive, but the pilot was neither extraordinarily dirty or sexy.

Peter's performance hasn't strayed far from the grave; in fact, it's hard to distinguish between his performance on 6 Feet Under as Nate, and the character in Dirty Sexy Money, Nick.

But even with the debut's drowsy-development, Dirty Sexy Money has a lot of potential. A transgendered individual was introduced (a first since Nip/Tuck(?); that's her in the photo above), Glenn Fitzgerald and Natalie Zea (as the Reverend Brian and his sister Karen Darling respectively) gave four-star performances, and there were a few really great laughs. But will that be enough, especially with a similar ABC series premiering on the next day (Hot Shots)?

Dirty Sexy Money plays Wednesdays 9 p.m. Central on ABC (Sunflower Broadband ch. 9).


Anonymous said...

I'm so upset! I got so wrapped up in Top Chef that I completely forgot about Dirty Sexy Money until around 9:30, when I figured it was probably too late to start watching. Do you know if they're planning to repeat it? If I start next week without having seen the first episode, will I have missed much? Ughh!


Anonymous said...

Just saw DSM. He's TOTALLY Nate! Prodigal son trying to reject his father's life but finds himself wrapped up in it. He's even married to a woman named Lisa. I like it, though. It's got potential. You said yourself that you can't always trust the pilot to give you the show's best.