Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cane "stings" Boston Legal

> Last night in ratings, the freshman series Cane shut out ABC's Boston Legal, a multiple-Emmy-Award winning series -- and it's about time something canned that show!

The second episode, The Work of a Businessman, delivered stronger actor performances and a much better, if melodramatic, script, but it's still not a homerun for CBS.

When a disgruntled employee of Duque Rum Factory sets a scorpion loose in his home, Alex Vega (Jimmy Smits: NYPD BLUE) banishes him back to Cuba -- apparently the ultimate punishment for this show, even superseding death.

Sudsy from all the soap -- Cane might just be the new Knots Landing or Melrose Place, except with a restorative (that is, revitalizing) reversal of stereotypical roles -- vilified whites.

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Anonymous said...

I do think it'll get better as the season continues. The acting was great last night!

And yeah going back to Cuba is a fate worse than death! Remember what the other employee (whose name escapes me) tells Alex about not wanting for his mother to have to get here the way he did? I think it's implied that those dudes are "balseros," so they went through a lot to get her! Most Americans don't think about this, but when thousands of Cubans a year are willing to risk their lives in dangerous shark-infested waters, often on flimsy iner tubes and rafts, what must the be so desperate to escape?