Friday, October 12, 2007

Dora -- Exploring ... Erections?

While shopping at Target this morning, I happened upon some very interesting, if disturbing, TV-based toys in the children's section.

This gem, part of the Dora The Explorer collection caught my eye first. As I looked down upon the shelf, I saw Dora's innocent face peering out and directly below her what then looked (and still does) to be an erect penis, and below that a very interested-looking monkey! Apparently, this flesh colored lever is what children manually (as in with their hands) ... use to score.

Feel free to come to your own conclusions, but if I were a parent I would feel not only embarrassed to see my child working this control in his or her lap on a drowsy Saturday morning but would also feel ashamed of the toy companies and designers who did not see the phallic flaw in such a product.

That in mind, as a non-parent, I think it's funny as hell.

Sitting next to Dora is her Nickelodeon compatriot, SpongeBob SquarePants in his rendition of the handheld game controller for his game called, "The Fry Cook Game."

My first glance at this product, however, read a very different word than cook.

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