Monday, October 22, 2007

Wisteria Women Welcome the Gays

ABC produces yet another gay character this week on Desperate Housewives ... make that two. The newest hysteria to Wisteria? Bob and Lee (played by Tuc Watkins and Kevin Rahm, respectively) The lucky gay couple, along with their pet-pal Rafael, are parked next to Susan -- who incidently steals their dog in an attempt to win their affection. Confused? So is Susan.

The addition makes ABC the standout in GLBT representation, according to an earlier GLAAD study showing that there are 16 gay of 710 regular characters on the six major networks today: ABC with 15 and one on NBC. With the addition, 17 are now hosted by ABC with 3 on Desperate Housewives alone: Andrew Van de Camp, Bob, and Lee.

> This awkward-interaction scene comes when Susan introduces herself to the new neighbors:

Susan: I'm Susan I live next door.
Bob: Oh hi, I'm Lee's partner, Bob.
Susan: Oh! You're partners -- what kind of business? You know, whatever it is, just don't let the neighborhood association know you work out of your house. They're so not cool.
Bob: Actually, we're life partners.
Susan: oh...Oh! (pause) OH!! That's super! Haha, yeah, I've seen a lot of cable so I "GET" it ... you're just great!
Lee: Uh, thank you? I hope we can live up to your stereotype.

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Anonymous said...

Yay for ABC and gay characters! Well, it sounds like Susan is up to her usual antics, lol! Dognapping? :~S And the whole "partnership" word-confusion bit has been done before (but then again, EVERYTHING's been done before), although the line about living up to the stereotype is really good and saves the otherwise tired gag.