Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Here are some additions to the Photo-Folio from Halloween, CHALK Magazine, and my baking adventures.

This year for Halloween, yours-truly decided to dress as my favorite feline, Pitters. This was the proto-type I wore to Haunted Hawk Nights of the three-legged creation! Meow.

Titled: Where to start??Subject: Matthew Hull
About: This photo was shot for an article in CHALK Magazine dealing with moving post-college. Something both he and I fear in the year(s) to come.

Titled: Rockstar
Subject: Beth Lagarón
About: These photos were shot at Beth's apartment for an article in CHALK Magazine dealing with students' decisions to pursue alternatives to college. Beth is, of course, a rockstar.

Titled: Green Guitar
Subject: Bright Eyes' Guitar
About: This photo was taken at the Bright Eyes concert held at the Lied Center at KU in October 2007. Before the show, I walked around the set-up and took photos, then later met the band (and wasn't impressed).

Titled: Conor
Subject: Conor, of Bright Eyes
About: Taken during the Bright Eyes Concert at KU in October 2007.

Finally, here are some recent "Cake-Creations" I made. The first was my roommate Matthew's birthday cake.

These photos are of the infamous Carrie Cake I made for our special screening of "Carrie" Wednesday, October 24, 2007 (pre-and-post-prom, respectively).


Anonymous said...

I love the way that picture with all the "sad Beths" in the background came out! Good choice. And YAY for Carrie cake! "Let's cut that bitch!"


Anonymous said...

I can see Carrie's dirty pillows!!! LMAO Best cake ever (my b-day cake comes in at a close second, however). YAY FOR ME AND MY ROOM!!! And YAY for GORGEOUS BETH -- MY GOD! That composite is AMAZING! Awesome work all around!