Monday, October 08, 2007


Here are some recent additions to my Photo-Folio, shot for CHALK Magazine.

Titled: Hear
Subject: Kristin Grossman
About: Taken for an article involving music piracy, I wanted to represent the subject in black and white in a metaphor for right and wrong -- good and bad -- legal and illegal. The subject is "behind bars" so to speak, and until the third row of photos is completely oblivious to her audience and then seems embarrassed. But she gets over it quickly, and by the time she addresses the audience again (in the bottom right corner) she no longer seems to value our opinion.

Titled: Emergency
Subjects: Kelsey Beckman (fore) Colleen Long (back)
About: Taken for an article involving the minutiae of college health and deciding when it's time to visit the emergency room, Kelsey is pulling away her intoxicated friend -- illustrating the weight with which alcohol-abuse affects the college community. She's also looking upward, somewhat helplessly, as though she doesn't know where else to turn.

Titled: The Almost Graduate
Subjects: Megan Adams
About: Taken in a photo essay to illustrate the "Life of Beer Money," Megan sits holding a blue tequila bottle filled with coins that she later pours into hands -- just as the vast amount of money spent on alcohol is poured right into government programs promoting its resistance.


Emily said...

I love how the first photos are of friends of mine.

Great photography, Taylor!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Judy

Anonymous said...

I really like the pictures. Thanks for sharing. And to quote Michael Kors, I like that you really think about what you're doing. Wait, you haven't seen season 3... Michael Kors says that one designer "thinks about things" a lot. =)

Anyway, I like the photos.

So did you watch the trainwreck that was I Love New York?


Taylor Cole Miller said...

I TiVo'd it! Will watch it before Thursday!

Anonymous said...

< applauds > Very cool stuff.